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Bedding Disposal

Lab Animal Bedding Disposal Station

SychemWASTESychemWASTE Bedding Disposal Station for used lab animal bedding

The stand-alone bedding disposal station enabling a cleaner working environment

  • Plug and play solution, works straight out the box with no set up required. We can provide training on how to use the system on request.
  • Easily manoeuvrable into desired operating location, wheels are lockable on front, the unit will fit through any standard doorways.
  • Small and simple information status screen. RED/GREEN status indicator. “smiley” face indicates filters are operating efficiently. “Neutral” face indicates filtration system is partially blocked, hoover or change pre-filters. “Sad” indication that filtration system is fully blocked.

Optional extras are all available on request to fit your requirements; including our ever-popular custom made second chute to allow for extra storage of used bedding.


Why do we recommend a double chute and table-top?

The tabletop and double chute design maximise operator comfort thanks to its large work surface area; making it easier to work with heavier, larger cages. Often, confined spaces can lead to an increase in the chance of injuries such as repetitive strain injury (RSI) from the operator bending, twisting and turning awkwardly.

SychemWASTE Used Lab Animal Bedding Disposal Station

Key features:

  • Easy-to-clean
  • Our chute can move easily from one side to the other, just as can the worksurface
  • No installation required – simply plug and play
  • Two front doors open 180 degrees and can be easily removed
  • Pre-filters are protected by a stainless-steel back, that hinges forward for easy cleaning
  • The pre-filters are easy to replace
  • Universal supply voltage to suit any country
  • The HEPA Filter is easy to change, by unclipping and rotating the top hood and pulling out the filter
  • User-friendly control panel for operator comfort
  • All components are detachable

    Why choose the SychemWASTE, bedding disposal station?


    The unit itself benefits from the ability to be easily cleaned- clear plastic sides, chute and work surface can all be lifted out.

    User-friendly design

    Simple control panel with simple on/off switch with text display for normal and fault conditions.

    HEPA filter

    Easy to change, by unclipping and rotating the top hood and pulling out the filter.

    Training provided

    We can provide training on how to use the system on request by a dedicated member of our team.


    Simply ‘plug-n-play’ with no installation requirements.


    SychemWASTE is fully customisable to fit your facilities requirements; including the ability to add another custom-made chute.

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