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Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine Dioxide Generation Equipment

ClorDiSys Solutions’ gaseous CD is the safest and most effective way to decontaminate your BSL-3 and BSL-4 laboratories, passthroughs, chambers, biological safety cabinets, HEPA filters and any other lab spaces. Chlorine dioxide gas is gentle on materials so animal racks, cages, computers and other sensitive equipment can be left in these areas during the decontamination process. In new or renovated facilities, all your brand new equipment can be brought in, gassed and sterilized in place thus eliminating the need for time consuming and costly autoclaving during move-in. In your existing laboratories, rooms and equipment can be decontaminated all together in one single step.

Chlorine Dioxide Gas

ClorDiSys chlorine dioxide gas is registered with US Environmental Protection Agency as a sterilant and is able to inactivate all forms of antimicrobial life, including spores. Our process has also proven effective at Inactivating Pinworms Eggs and Inactivating Amplicons.

ClorDiSys’ Chlorine Dioxide Gas is an EPA registered sterilant, making it effective against all viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores

Non-carcinogenic, residue free process

True gases are the only agents effective in hard to reach areas such as HVAC systems, cracks and crevices, and inside equipment.

Gaseous CD is the only decontaminating fumigant that penetrates water, decontaminating both the water and the surface beneath.

Safe on materials such stainless steel, anodized aluminum, painted steel, plastics, epoxy flooring and paints, gasket materials, and electronics

Minidox-M_175X175 Chlorine Dioxide Generator

Minidox-M CD Generator

The Minidox-M is a chlorine dioxide gas generation system designed for use in any pharmaceutical, manufacturing, laboratory, or research setting. The Minidox-M provides a rapid and highly effective method to sterilize volumes up to 70,000 ft3, including rooms, isolators (sterility test, filling line, containment, etc.), passthroughs, processing tanks and vessels, cleanrooms, lyophilizers, etc. The Minidox-M utilizes a rugged industrial control system and is constructed of robust, corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel to provide an exceptionally long life.   DOWNLOAD PDF MinidoxM



Minidox-M CD Generator


Our most versatile Chlorine Dioxide Gas generator, the Minidox-M can decontaminate many different areas, and incorporates a concentration monitor.

Cloridox-GMP Chlorine Dioxide Generator


Designed specifically for GMP facilities, the Cloridox-GMP is fully validated and capable of handling many applications.

Minidox-B Chlorine Dioxide Generator


The Minidox-B can decontaminate many different areas, but does not incorporate a concentration monitor.

Megadox-P CD Generator


The Megadox-P can decontaminate large volume areas, and its concentration monitor can measure from up to 5 locations.

Minidox-L CD Generator


The Minidox-L is a small volume Chlorine Dioxide gas generator with a max capacity of 300 ft3.

Minidox-MC Chlorine Dioxide Generator


The Minidox-MC is an all-in-one system with an integrated sterilization chamber with a built-in concentration monitor. The Minidox-BC is available without concentration monitoring.



Steridox-VP Chlorine Dioxide Generator


The Steridox-VP is a CD gas vacuum sterilizer, while the Steridox-Steamer is a combination chlorine dioxide gas / steam sterilizer.

Megadox CD Generator


The Megadox is a stationary Chlorine Dioxide Gas generator designed for large volume decontamination.