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55 Albert St  Suite 100

Markham ON  L3P 2T4


Tel. (416) 332-8394


contact us at 55 Albert St

Photo from the rear of 55 Albert Street. Markham’s original one-room school house (circa 1840s) converted inside to a modern bustling office space.

Perotech is a proud member of the Markham Village Hive.

Full of history and charm, it provides the perfect space for local entrepreneurs and remote workers to come together to work, focus, and meet other like-minded individuals. It is a space for collaboration, sharing ideas and support.

The Village Hive is a great option for people who like a collaborative work environment. Perfect for startups and entrepreneurs who like to bounce ideas off of each other. They have flexible options to suit individual needs from part-time (8 days/month) to full-time 24/7 dedicated workspaces in the beautiful coworking lounge. Come grab a coffee or tea, set up your laptop and join us for a productive day at The Hive.