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Turner Scientific is proud to announce the new Sensory SentinelTM

The leading environmental monitor for in-room and in-cage measurements

For several years, Turner Scientific offered the most advanced and versatile noise and vibration monitoring device available: the VivAlarm MobileTM.

Turner Scientific now combines its leading noise and vibration measuring capability with assessment of temperature, humidity, and light in the Sensory SentinelTM – a revolutionary new environmental monitor for animal laboratories.

The Sensory SentinelTM is a convenient and easy-to-use measurement and logging tool for assessing the conditions to which animals are exposed – both in rooms and cages.

  • Fully mobile, allowing measurements anywhere in the lab animal space.

  • Can also be permanently installed for long-term monitoring.

  • Allows acquisition and logging of temperature, humidity, light, noise, and vibration levels every second – 24 hours per day.

  • Built-in software overlays show the hearing ranges of a variety of animal species, making it simple to know if they can hear what is being measured.

  • All sensors, software, and computer hardware is included.

Turner Scientific offers the Sensory SentinelTM for sale or monthly lease.

For further information and to learn about using the Sensory SentinelTM, visit our Education Library.

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Noise & Vibration Consulting & Monitoring Services for Animal Facilities

Turner Scientific brings 20 years of experience with noise and vibration in animal facilities to work for you as the first full-service firm focused on noise, ultrasonic noise and vibration. Turner Scientific is proud to provide a multitude of services, including the following:

  • Noise and vibration consulting for new construction or remodels

  • On-site noise and vibration measurements

  • 24-hour monitoring services for sensitive models or during construction

  • Specialized equipment for sale or rent

  • VivAlarm 24-hour noise data can be sent directly to Turner Scientific for monitoring and analysis and for alerting relevant personnel at your institution.

Why should this matter to you?

Noise, ultrasonic noise, and vibration are present in all research animal facilities and laboratories. These acoustic and vibratory stimuli have been associated with changes in breeding and behavior, as well as a number of other physiological effects involving cardiovascular and stress pathways (see Turner et al, 2005 for a review). The result is that such stimuli can be confounds for ANY area of biomedical research using animal models because they add variability to measurements, resulting in greater statistical ambiguity in our research and the need for more animals.

Our Recommendations

We recommend that every animal facility measure noise, ultrasonic noise and vibration at least annually, anytime new equipment or construction is introduced, and anytime facility or research personnel see unexpected changes in breeding, behavior or health. Especially sensitive models or work that could be impacted by noise and vibration should use our 24-hour monitoring service. Facilities need to begin measuring and controlling for noise, ultrasonic noise and vibration with the same care that is given to light, water, food, and air quality.

Portable Carbon Dioxide Monitor

CO2 Meter

Model: MCO2-100 Handheld CO2 Meter

Our portable, battery-powered 100% CO2 Sampling meter is designed to measure carbon dioxide in enclosed environments or inaccessible areas.


Up to 100% concentration.

Our portable, battery-powered 100% CO2 Sampling meter is designed to measure carbon dioxide in enclosed environments or inaccessible areas. Use it for CO2 applications like SMARTBOX® verification, cage levels, and induction chambers. Place meter directly inside the chamber or vessel, or connect tubing to input port and sample from outside the area.

  • Perform your own CO2 level validation
  • Lightweight, easy-grip designers have
  • Power On/Off Switch
  • Two line back-lit LCD display
  • Built-in micro pump
  • 0 – 100% CO2 range
  • Impact-resistant case, power supply



Portable Particle Counter Models 3910Kanomax
50 LPM and 28.3 LPM Laser Particle Counters


Cleanroom verification
Clean Bench verification
Filter Testing
Facility Certification
Food Process Investigation
Hospital Surgical Room

50 L/min (1.77 cfm) Flow Rate – Model 3910
28.3 L/min (1.0 cfm) Flow Rate – Model 3905
Compliant with ISO 21501-4 and 21 CFR Part 11 Instruments
Simultaneous measurements of 6 particle sizes
Store up to 10,000 Measurements
Stainless Enclosure
2 Year Warranty
Featherlight with an ultra-small footprint
Large Color Touch Screen
Multi-parameter: Particle, Airflow, Temperature, Humidity, Differential Pressure
Mulit-standard mode: ISO 14644, FS 209E, BS 5295, EU GMP

DOWNLOAD_PDF Kanomax_3910-3905              YouTube_Video            Hands On YouTube Video

3887Handheld Particle Counter Model 3887logo_web

Cleanroom Verification / Monitoring
Clean Bench Verification
IAQ Investigation
Food Processing Investigation
Hospital Surgical Rooms
Filter Testing
Simultaneously measures and displays 3 particle sizes
Built-in flow sensor ensures highly accurate measurement
Stores up to 10,000 measurements

DOWNLOAD PDF_Kanomax_3887_SpecSheet                   3 Model YouTube Video


Hand_Held_ InstrumentsClimomaster Model 6501 Series Air Velocity MeterKanomax
Most Accurate Hot-wire Anemometer of its Kind.
HVAC Ventilation Testing and Balancing
Laboratory Control
Fume Hood Performance Testing
IAQ Investigation
Industrial Flow Testing FeaturesThe most accurate handheld hot-wire anemometer in its class.
Probe Compatibility feature allows you to have spare probes.
Detachable probe.
Automatic Flow Rate Calculation function.
USB connection to PC.
Large data storage, stores up to 20,000 measurements.
Differential Pressure available as an option. BenefitsOne probe simultaneously measures air velocity, air temperature, relative humidity, and airflow rate.
7 different detachable probes available, including a low air velocity, omni-directional probe.
If you have more than one unit, detachable probes allow you to share the main unit or the probes.
Optional Measuring Software displays real-time measurements in table, graphic, and spread sheet formats

DOWNLOAD PDF Climomaster_Spec_Sheets                           YouTube_Video

Microbe_SensorBioSentinel Microbe SensorKanomax

Model 3070

The BioSentinel microbe sensor from Kanomax can detect microbes such as fungi and bacteria in as little as 10 minutes. Using a patented heating system that serves as a catalyst to enhance the auto-fluorescing properties of these biological particles, the BioSentinel is able to detect them in real-time, providing early warning of a breach in the controlled environment and making it easier to pinpoint the source.

  • Real-time measurement of microbes (in just 10 minutes)
  • No special skill required to operate the sensor
  • Light weight and compact
  • Applications include: pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and beverage production facilities; medical facilities such as exam and patient rooms; cooking and dining facilities
    How does it work?


Ohm-Stat™ Deluxe Wrist Strap/Heel Grounder Tester ESD Data Logger

  • Tests wrist strap and heel grounders individually and simultaneously in seconds
  • No switch flipping or foot changing required
  • ISO-9000 conformance: no more log books
  • Results automatically entered onto a computer via a USB connection
  • Automatically stores results for 50,000 employees
  • Includes ESD protection test log software: free upgrades forever
  • CE mark, NIST listed
  • Results can be emailed and/or networked
  • Adjustable limits
  • Generate software reports for:
    • Daily, monthly, entire log
    • Individual log
    • Individual attendance
    • Exceptions
    • Twice tested
    • Monthly vacation
    • Certification expiration
    • Updates and more
  • Free software updates
  • 1 year limited warranted
  • Certificate of calibration (Good for one year)
  • Footplate is designed for humidity conditions of 75% or less
  • Made in the USA