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Lab Animal Products

Lab Animal Products

Perotech presents our complimentary Lab Animal Product line. Once the lab furnishings and big equipment are in and set up there then follows the personal protection devices, animal care and handling equipment and of course the identification and enrichment supplies. We monitor for vibration and noise, transport rodents safely and even help out with surgery and hydration. For our main large equipment click on to Our Lab Animal Equipment Page.

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MB-10 Disinfectant Tablets

MB-10 by Quip Labs

Looking For Other Products Quip Labs Recommend For Use Against The Delta Variant? Visit our COVID-19 Disinfectants and Policy Page!

MB-10 Disinfectant Tablets are the most convenient way yet to deliver the benefits of chlorine dioxide to your facility hygiene or biosafety program.  Simply drop this effervescent disinfectant tablet into a pint, quart or gallon of water. Unlike other tablets, the Aseptrol technology of MB-10 Disinfectant Tablets dissolves in minutes and creates a ready-to-use safe, stable, non-corrosive surface disinfectant and sterilant solution that can be used for up to seven days.

It’s also the only solid disinfectant on EPA’s List N (EPA #: 70060-19-46269) with an Emerging Viral Pathogen claim (under the ingredient Aseptrol) and is featured on the Center for Biocide Chemistries’ list of  Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)—Fighting Products. 

MB-10 Tablets, which come in both 1.5 and 6.0-gram sizes, are also approved by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation as a bactericide, virucidal, tuberculocidal, disinfectant and sterilant that eradicates microbes, sanitizes and oxidizes pollutants on surfaces.

These tablets are an excellent eco-gentle choice, breaking down harmlessly in the environment soon after delivering powerful results.

Product Features:

  • • Ready to use in minutes, not hours
  • • Non-corrosive
  • • Has zero cytotoxicity
  • • Excess solution can be safely disposed
  • • Maintains one of the broadest labels in the research industry

Want to read more? You can find Quip’s MB-10 Cut Sheet here


ClorDiSys Chlorine Dioxide Tablets

Tabs_175X175Chlorine Dioxide Tabs for Decon Solutions
CD-Tabs generate a neutral pH generic chlorine dioxide solution. Just drop the tablet into a container with 1 gallon of tap water and you have a generic 100 PPM, (400 ppm if mixed in 1 Liter) non-acidic, chlorine dioxide odor-control solution. For higher concentrations, just add another tablet.



Non-acidic chlorine dioxide solution

Chlorine dioxide keeps all of its effective properties when dissolved in water. However, acidic by-products generated by most methods can cause harm to equipment and surfaces. CD-Tabs create a neutral solution and won’t cause these issues.

Minimal storage space

As CD-Tabs create chlorine dioxide gas at the point of use, there is no need to store bulky liquids.


Quantity: 1 box/100 CD-Tabs
Capacity: 1 tab in 1 gallon creates 100 ppm
                  1 tab in 1 liter creates 400 ppm
                  Weight4 grams/per tablet



prodigy_cages_200SMART BOX CO2 Euthanasia Touch Screen Controller

The SMARTBOX Prodigy EA-33000TS allows administrators to program an unlimited number of cages and flow rates.


Users can connect up to 3 cages at one time.  The touch screen display shows the cycle, cycle time, and total time remaining. READ MORE  pdf DOWNLOAD prodigy-touch-screen

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E-Z Anesthesia Systems

E-Z Anesthesia® offers more choices and increased flexibility for better solutions. E-Z anesthesia systems are easy to set up and operate. Up to four breathing devices can be used simultaneously with the EZ-AF9000 Auto Flow System and the EZ-7000 Classic System for multi-animal treatments. Our systems provide a maintainable level plane of anesthesia for several hours. E-Z Anesthesia systems offer reliable safety for both personnel and animals.




The Lane Shur-flo valve, breaks the mold with innovative and reliable lab animal watering solutions.

Interchangeable with all existing manufactures hardware, just unscrew the tail (QD) on the currently installed valve and replace with the SHUR-flo valve. Or for a modest service fee, send your valves to Lane Industries and we will swap out the tail for you. If you prefer the complete valve and tail, Lane Industries would be happy to quote the complete assembly. The Radius Tip allows for easy sanitation in laboratory settings.

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Lomir Biomedical Inc. Lomir_Cover_400x309is one of the world’s leading brands in the design and manufacture of animal jackets for all laboratory animal species, infusion systems, collars, restraints, animal-handling and enrichment products.

Lomir’s head office and manufacturing operations are based in Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot, Quebec, Canada. All research and development is centered at this facility.

As the manufacturer Lomir provides it’s customers with the opportunity to purchase equipment made to match their specific scientific needs.
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LOMIR BIOMEDICAL’S inventory of Large Animal Jackets has been designed and constructed to meet the requirements of a wide variety of subjects and activities. But there are still many procedures which have unique requirements both in the type of subject and nature of procedure. In cases such as these, LOMIR BIOMEDICAL’S design group works in close collaboration with investigators to develop custom jackets specifically matched to the subject and procedure.


For procedures requiring ambulatory equipment, LOMIR provides pouches in a range of materials and sizes for attachment to LOMIR jackets. Also available are anchoring patches for tethering systems and inserts for dermal procedures.


PET® Foraging Enrichment
These devices enable primates to feed themselves in a way that closely mimics foraging, parceling out the food in hollows where the primate must seek it out and extract it on its own initiative.

Lomir produces a range of P.E.T.® devices, each one catering to the physical and psychological abilities of a specific genus of primate. Made of opaque polypropylene, a durable material that is chemical and heat-resistant, virtually moisture resistant, and crack proof, P.E.T.® devices are engineered for ease of use. Assembly is a snap, replenishing with food is quick and cleaning to eliminate bacteria can be accomplished with minimal effort.

Made of highly durable polypropylene with stainless steel fasteners and mounts for long life and trouble-free performance.

Easily washed and sanitized at temperatures up to 180° to eliminate potentially harmful bacteria

Designed for simple attachment to the outside of a primate enclosure.

Quick assembly and food replenishing.


Small animals are prone to stress and require extra care in handling. Mechanical restraints frequently require the involvement of two personnel: one to restrain and one to perform. The resulting stress and discomfort for the subject can often jeopardize the efficiency of the procedure.

The “SNUGGLE FAMILY” uses the principle of a cocoon rather than a rigid structure for immobilization. The multiple flaps perform two functions: They are adjustable around the subject for effective yet comfortable restraint, and positioned, or left open for access depending on the procedure. Both restraint and procedure can be carried out by one handler.


The LOMIR “SNUGGLE FAMILY” is manufactured from flexible yet extremely durable canvas fabric. The fabric is coated with nylon to facilitate laundering for reuse. Wide flaps with velcro fasteners allow for maximum flexibility, ease of use and adjustment for fit between individual subjects. The “SNUGGLE FAMILY” is available in different sizes for a complete range of animals including pregnant females. Blood Collection, Vaginal Samples, Bolus Injection, Veterinary Exams, Gavage, Transport and more.

Rabbit: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
Guinea Pig: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
Rodent: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


Lomir_Collars_300x565LOMIR collars are designed and manufactured to reduce or eliminate many of the factors which can compromise investigations. In protecting sensitive equipment and reducing discomfort and stress levels for the subjects, this comprehensive range helps to protect the integrity of a wide variety of procedures on all laboratory animal species. A large range of standard sizes are available with other sizes, for special needs, made to order.

Prevent animals from self grooming, and protect surgical or treatment sites. All collars are manufactured from a low density polyethylene and close with ample Velcro fasteners, providing adjustable and secure fit for individual animals. Neck openings are bound with cotton jersey for comfort.

Offer an alternative to Elizabethan collars, allowing the animal unrestricted vision.

Are designed for use in a wide range of applications:
  • May be used in combination with an infusion jacket
  • For protection of devices such as infusion pumps
  • For protection in post surgical or treatment situations

Made from durable, washable canvas and available with optional fasteners for jacket or harness attachment. A special feature is the removable foam pillow insert.

Available in white or black in a comprehensive range of sizes with custom models made to order.

Lomir_Cover_400x309       DOWNLOAD PDF Lomir_catalog


Refuge Mouse Hut
refuge products

 A comfortable and quiet place to rest, or to climb on and explore.
  • Material to shred (just for fun or to build a nest), will usually last 7 to 30 days.
  • 4″wide x 4″ long x 2-1/2″ high, 3 openings.
  • Environmentally safe, non-toxic.
  • 1,200 per case.


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CocoonCocoon products is an environmental enrichment bedding product for rodents and offers the animal an opportunity to fulfill their nesting instincts. Used in partnership these two affordable products (Refuge & Cocoon) can maximize environment enrichment for your colony.

The fibers of the Cocoon product are very short which is safer for the animal and allows it to create a warm, soft cloud, with which it builds its nest much like in its natural habitat. Cocoon is whitened without chlorine.
Sold 6,000 cylinders per case.


      YouTube Video         DOWNLOAD_PDF_Cocoon_Refuge_Nesting_&_Housing


Canica Mouse Table

Magnetic Fixtures • Autoclavable • Offers Dynamic and / or Static Restriction.

Sets a new standard of procedural control.

The fully integrated procedural and stabilization system provides precisely controlled retraction at the operative site.

The CD+ Labs System allows researchers to operate independently, eliminating the requirement for an assistant or improvised assistive devices.

The system removes the complexities and distractions of improvised set-ups, allowing the researcher to focus full attention on the surgical procedure.        Item No. XKACD-014-087      Also available for Rats


Aramis Micro Tattoo Kit

Item No. XKA-2300-087

The Aramis Laboratory Animal Microtattoo System is a quick, efficient and affordable method of permanently identifying laboratory animals (particularly mice and rats as early as 1 day old).

Designed and tested by laboratory animal technicians, the system utilizes a hypodermic needle at one end of a stainless steel forcep and a small metal cup containing Ketchum Green Tattoo Paste at the other side of the forcep. By squeezing the forcep together, the needle penetrates the toe/foot pad, ear or tail of the animal and injects a deposit of green paste in the animal. Paste now available in white.  Abbott Laboratories thinks our micro tattoo system is a great alternative to ear punches and tags.








Mouse Ear Tags

The latest addition to our lab animal product line is ear tags for mice. Each one can be colour coded and has a unique number on them, this is a great way to identify mice when they are group housed. 

Mouse Ear Tags are:ear-tags-400x93

  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Available in boxes of 100
  • Pre-numbered or custom numbering available (up to 3 digits)


6900 Irradiated iso-PADS

so-PADS represent the next generation of bedding materials. They are flat, compressed, rectangular pads of cotton fiber material that can be conveniently dropped into standard shoebox rodent cages that are meant to be used as a contact bedding. Rodents enthusiastically shred the pads into a soft, fluffy consistency which offers an unsurpassed enrichment aspect to this unique bedding product.

ISO-Pads are perfect for post surgical applications as the bright white pad offers great visual monitoring of leaking and bodily functions.

Product Features

High Tech Bedding Material
  • Eliminates variables associated with recycled or synthetic bedding products
  • Produced from FDA-approved, cotton-based cellulosic fibers that are hypoallergenic
  • Perfect companion for micro isolation units or standard shoebox cages
Controlled Manufacturing
  • Produced, sized, and packaged in a certified ISO 9001 facility
  • Strictly defined and certified for contaminants
Sterilization Options
  • Irradiated iso-PADS (6900) eliminates the need for steam autoclaving
  • iso-PADS can also be autoclaved
High Absorbency
  • Absorbs more than 400% its weight in water
  • Enhanced evaporation of liquids
  • Controls odors better and lasts longer than traditional bedding materials
  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • Reduced waste volume
Color and Consistency
  • Improved observation of animals and their discharges due to light color
  • Minimized dust
  • No pouring and no dispensers greatly reduces airborne particulates
Environmental Enrichment
  • Rodents are instinctively motivated to shred iso-PADS, creating a natural nest-like environment
  • Shredding provides rodents with a natural enrichment activity
  • Provides material for a nest building environment
  • Ideal environment for rearing young
Economics and Ergonomics
  • Consistent pad size insures uniform dispensing, facilitating accurate cost control accounting
  • Reduced weight decreases waste disposal costs
  • Improved personnel safety due to light weight and low dust
  • Labor saving
Storage and Convenience
  • Compressed pads dramatically reduce storage requirements of this product (1 small case contains enough bedding for 500 cages)
  • Pre-measured pads are simply dropped into the cage, eliminating the need for expensive bedding dispensers
  • Frees floor space for other more productive usesALSO AVAILABLE as non-sterile


    Rodent Canopy

    Item No. XKA-2800-087

    Environment enrichment for rats and other rodents. The Rat Canopy is made of a thick plastic durable enough to withstand cage cleaning regiments in lab environments.  Smoke coloured plastic offers refuge from fluorescent lighting while the bridge shaped structure allows the animal a place to hide under or to climb on to help explore their environment.  This simple enrichment offers opportunities for the animal to feel in control of their environment and encourages their natural instincts.

    Can be made to your specific size requirements.



    • Reduces biting and hierarchical fighting
    • Improved animal welfare
    • Attractive scent that becomes stronger as it is agitated
    • Antibacterial (proven to kill 99.9% E. coli)
    • Incredibly durable




CART COVERS Cart-Covers-250x250

Protect contents from dust and other airborne contaminants:

  • Available in uncoated nylon or antimicrobial and waterproof vinyl coated nylon
  • Choose from zipper or velcro closure
  • Select from White and Mariner Blue, as well as an array of custom colors
  • Deters pilferage and allows units to be loaded prior to transport

Offered in a wide variety of sizes.    Phone 416 332-8394 for custom sizes and Autoclave options




Wouldn’t it be nice if shipping containers were:
. . . divided into sealed compartments so that species and sexes couldn’t intermingle?
. . . easy to remove animals avoiding bites and scratches?
. . . designed to avoid stress and injury to the animal?
. . . had lots of view ports and air holes to avoid unnecessary opening?
. . . came sterile or on site autoclaveable and could be directly filled in a barrier?
. . . could be easily unpacked (no handling) with mice sliding right into their permanent cages?

We thought so too; so we did it! and also added: 100% recycleable!

The TRANS-TAINER System: Tube, Caps, & Carrieropen_transtainer products

The box will take three seperate Trans-Tainer tubes effectively separating strains,species, mircro-flora, health status & sexes.
Tube isolation prevents cross contamination.
Assembly and loading instructions are clearly printed on box.
LIVE ANIMAL” alerts are very visible to all courriers and handlers. Flaps fold down to create tabs which create an “air gap” so that end of box cannot be blocked off.
approx size: 22.5” X 17.5” X 7.5”

The shape rodents feel comfortable in, they build tunnels!
No corners or any place to begin gnawing.
Reusable Opaque Polypropylene PPT & Clear Polycarbonate PPC are easily sanitized in cage washers and are safe for temperatures and disinfectants found in most facilities.
Simple, cost effective and economical! Barrier Friendly – Entry into the barrier is a simple: spray or soak.
Capacity: 114 grams live animal weight
The Transfer Container T2-16 inter_tube_ products
Shown standing up is our “across campus” solution for transporting mice from one barrier to another or to another space within the facility or institution.
We think “milkshake containers” should be used for milkshakes!
Polysulphone tube with end caps, SIZE: 3″ dia. X 9″ long,
Fully autoclaveable!
Ideal for those short trips to the lab or MRI.

Securely snaps on, seal must be broken to remove. When cap is removed tube is slightly tilted and animals slide gently into cage.
A new cap is always used and the .5 Micron polypropylene filter is ideal for hazardous species and reduces risk to handlers!


prodigy_cages_200 SMART BOX CO2 Euthanasia Touch Screen Controller

The SMARTBOX Prodigy EA-33000TS allows administrators to program an unlimited number of cages and flow rates.


Users can connect up to 3 cages at one time.  The touch screen display shows the cycle, cycle time, and total time remaining. READ MORE  pdf DOWNLOAD prodigy-touch-screen

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