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The Lane Shur-flo valve, breaks the mold with innovative and reliable lab animal watering solutions. So what’s so great about this “silver bullet”?

  • This Surgical Grade Stainless Steel of the Shur-flo valve is less susceptible to leaks caused by contaminates including fur, bedding and detritus.
  • Radius “Bullet Design” aids in decontamination and prohibits bedding and anything else from entering the valve’s orifice and causing leaks.
  • The actuating stem is flush with the valve body thus reducing unintentional animal actuation.
  • The valve’s flow rate is set and tested at the factory. It operates on a wide range of pressures including one low enough for weanlings.
  • Is it easy to install? Yes. The valve is interchangeable with all existing manufacturers hardware. If needed Lane will swap out the tail for you and/or install extensions.

Traceable. Each valve is laser marked with “name and lot number”.

mouse drinking from bullet

Although valves are interchangeable with all those on the market when asking for a quotation please specify: cage manufacturer, valve manufacturer and connection type so that length and diameter will match your existing configuration.Shur Flo Valve






Custom Engineered SystemsWater Treatment

Lane Industries can custom engineer a Laboratory system to meet your specific needs, fully scalable, whether one room or an entire facility. Tubing, end-points and complete installation are all included.

Any combination of: Water Distribution, Water Treatment, Water Monitoring or Room Monitoring.



Recoil HoseRecoil Hose

6’, 10,’ and 12’ lengths or custom sizes
Offered in natural natural PVDF, or Shur-flo blue

Effective, easy to install and meets and exceeds standards.


manifolds Shur-flo Manifolds

  • Patented-pending design
  • Field serviceable manifolding
  • Single tool serviceability
  • Faster, easier to change valves
  • Exacting tolerances
  • CNC Manufactured


monitorLab Sentry

Take full control of your laboratory facility through our automated monitoring system.
Rodent Laboratories: Monitor the temperature, humidity and light.
Aquatics: Monitor temperature, conductivity, oxygen and pH levels.
Access data, just as you should, 24/7, from any Internet connected device. Lab Sentry is a cloud-based application offering web-based access to its users. Lower your out of pocket initial cost with an affordable subscription-based service.

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