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When you think about space, you may think about efficiency. Think Starsys.
Or better organization. Maybe the freedom to be flexible.
Complete Storage System- Addresses applications facility- wide.
Interchangeable Components- Provides flexibility to address changing needs.
Modular Design- Provides flexibility to change layout and/ or location.
Highly Configurable- Design on wheels, with countertops, even on the walls.
Polymer Construction- Maintains function and aesthetic over time.
Starsys, It’s a concept worth thinking about.


Metro Starsys™ flexible lab furniture is a polymer based, highly-adaptive system, that enhances lab productivity and space efficiency by empowering the end user with the ability to easily reconfigure and move units around the lab.
The Starsys Modular System creates flexible space. No matter what you need — open, closed, short, tall, mobile or stationary, pre-configured_workcenters —
Starsys has the solution for you. With Starsys, you choose from an array of modular units to fit the space and work specifications. It’s that easy. And that flexible.

30-inch (762mm), 33″ (838mm), 36-inch (914mm), 39-inch (991mm), and 42-inch (1067mm) available heights for seated and standing applications.

Corner units to help maximize storage space.

Kneehole options meet ADA Guidelines.

Countertops available in Epoxy, Trespa, Corian, Stainless Steel, and Laminate.
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Mobile WorkCenters

The Metro Starsys System facilitates fast, agile reconfiguration by putting the power to change in the hands of the end user. In a matter of minutes, an entire setting featuring Starsys, can be reconfigured to support a new function, changing technology requirements, or increase efficiency. By utilizing 3″ diameter casters, Starsys Moveable WorkCenters provides increased storage capacity while maintaining ergonomic work heights and the flexibility to move within a room.

Moveable WorkCenters are available with:

  • 3″ diameter casters
  • 29″ deep worksurfaces in laminate or epoxy
  • Lengths 24″, 43″, 63″ and 73″
  • or without Overhead Storage
  • or without a knee space
  • Working heights of 30″, 33″, 36″ and 39″

The Metro Starsys System features a robust, aluminum and steel-framed substructure with advanced polymers forming the outer skin. Durable, functional, and -most importantly-mobile, the innovative design features easy-to-clean, chemical resistant surfaces that will not chip, peel, dent, or corrode over time. System components include mobile workcenters, carts, tall cabinets, stationary workcenters, base units, and overhead cabinets.

In healthcare, nothing stands still for long. And that’s precisely why the Metro Starsys System gives you the power to configure the space for the needs of today……. and then easily reconfigure it for the needs of tomorrow.


Under counter inits give each researcher or supervisor their own lockable space. Units can easily be moved to procedure rooms, labs or offices.

AVAILABLE: Single Wide, Double Wide, Bottom Doors, Optioned to the Hilt
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WorkCenters accessories provide the finishing touch to your work center environment.

  • Choose from side splashes, shelf ledges, and dividers.
  • Drawer divider kits organize products.
  • Side storage units provide additional storage.
  • Filler kits close off space used for cord management.
  • Sink valance hides the sink basin in kneehole configuration.
  • Overhead light assembly allows for energy savings.
  • Under-counter pullout keyboard tray stores neatly underneath when not in use.
  • Countertop grommet kit allows power, computer and telephone cords to pass through countertop.   Starsys_Specs


  • Seamless 14-gauge Type 304 stainless steel work surface and support structure.
  • Shipped knocked down and can be assembled in minutes without tools.
  • Availabe in 30″ (760mm), 36″ (914mm) and 44″ (1118mm) depths
  • Tables are 34″ (864mm) high with stationary posts and include leveling feet
  • Mobile Work Center available in 30″ (762mm) depth only.     Spec Sheets




Metro’s newly designed line of high and low profile closed case carts provide the most combined storage capacities in their five sizes than any other competitor on the market. Ergonomically designed handles, reduced footprint and your choice of stainless steel or polymer casters provide you with superior maneuverability. Access to contents has been improved for you with roller shelves that extend easily and quietly, even at the lowest levels. All case cart shelves are adjustable at 2″ increments along the inside height of the cart.

Carts can be used wherever contents must be protected from an “unclean” environment, including free-standing ambulatory care centers, surgi-centers, and hospital based or out-patient surgeries.

  • New optional wire roller shelf, pulls out halfway, easily and quietly, even at the bottom level where accessibility is vital. Also available in solid or wire without roller.
  • Newly designed ergonomic full length handles (on both sides of the low profile carts) allow for convenience in pushing or pulling from either end and provide better cart control.
  • Detachable brackets remove for faster and easier cleaning and drying. Brackets, which hold shelves, attach and detach quickly from “keyhole” slots for easy shelf adjustability at 2″ increments.
  • Double-panel door for optimum strength. Recessed latch eliminates a catch point. Two door models have a center flange to stop splashes from entering cart.
  • Stainless steel casters provide easy maneuverability even through frequent cart washings, featuring long wearing, shock absorbing polyurethane tread.
  • Polymer casters provide the same weight capacity as steel casters and are equipped with the same long wearing polyurethane tread.   Spec Sheets