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PPE Protection and Safety Equipment

Perotech presents our PPE personal protection and safety equipment and supplies. Our offering includes protective garments and shields for the head, body and feet. This sampling is just a small sampling of all the products our safety and garments suppliers offer. Give us a call and get the latest pricing and availability.


BIOCLEAN Sterile Coverall with Hood S-BDCHT

PPE Sterile coverall with hood
Sterile coverall data

Call 416 332-8394 for sizes, availability and pricing.

BIOCLEAN Sterile Boot Covers S-BDOB-L

Sterile disposable cleanroom boot covers

Call 416 332-8394 for availability and pricing.

Sterile boot cover data sheet

IsoClean LabcoatTyvek Labcoats

Tyvek® IsoClean® delivers an ideal balance of protection, durability and comfort. Made using a patented flash spinning process, Tyvek® provides an inherent barrier to particles, microorganisms and non-hazardous light liquid splash.

  • Serged seams have multiple interlocking threads that are sewn around the raw edges of garment material to create a strong, stress-resistant seam
  • Elastic openings for tighter fit at wrist
  • Mandarin collar with snap for secure fit
  • Frocks provide body-length jacket design with front snap closures for easy donning and doffing
  • Bulk packaged in double transparent poly liners

IC263SWH DuPont™ Tyvek® IsoClean® Frock. Serged Seams. High Mandarin Collar with Snap. Set Sleeve Design. Elastic Wrists. Front Snap Closure. White.

Sizes:SM, MD, LG, XL, 2X, 3X, 4X
Case Count:30 per case BULK

Additional options available: “Clean” Processed, Sterile, Zippers, Bound Seams, Raglan Sleeves, Check for models, pricing and availability  416 332-8394

Advantages_of_DuPont Tyvek  IsoClean                           Controlled Environment_Apparel_Selector_Guide
Controlled_Environment Product_Catalog                       DuPont_Tyvek_IsoClean_FAQ

SMS CoverallsSMS Coverall

SafeGard CoverallSafeGard® SMS PPE Protective Garments from Lakeland Industries, Inc. are well named. They keep employees safe from numerous dry particles and water-based liquids. SafeGard® garments can be used in work environments where hazardous or non-hazardous contaminants may be present. These garments feature 3 tough layers to keep contaminants out. The 2 outer layers are made of spunbonded filaments that stand up to tearing and abrasion. The inner layer is of melt-blown polypropylene microfibers that filter out potentially harmful particulates and liquids. Breathability is the bonus; air and water vapor pass through for superior wearer comfort. Coveralls feature a deluxe pattern with 2 sewn pockets and elastic in the back. Available in Sky Blue, too!

Style Number C8417 and C8417WSF
SafeGard® Coverall
zipper closure, elastic wrists and ankles.Sizes: S – 5X
Case Pack: 25

Blue: C8417B     White C8417WSF

Also available in: Labcoats, Shirts and Pants                 Data Sheet PDF

Nitech 100 per boxNitech 5 mil Powder Free Examination Glove

Often imitated, never duplicated!

NITECH® Examination Gloves are exclusive to RONCO, manufactured from a patented blend of premium quality synthetic materials. This flagship RONCO glove is 100% powder free, latex free, and ideal for a number of food, medical and general uses. RONCO NITECH® was developed in response to application requirements for a level of protection somewhere in Blue Nitech 5 milbetween vinyl and nitrile. NITECH® has since been dubbed the “For Everything In Between” glove.

100% New material for strong, clean, odourless protection

Latex-free to reduce risks of allergic reactions

Strong and durable

Flexibility eases hand fatigue3 seals

Ambidextrous for easy donning
SMALL  365      MED  375       LARGE  385       XL  395


10" Tuff Nitrile Glove PPE

10″ 151-750PF-L Medical-grade 100% Nitrile 3mil Disposable Purple Gloves


CFIA approved; Health Canada Class 2 Medical Device Licence.

Medical-grade, 100% Nitrile glove

No natural rubber latex protein (Latex Free).

Puncture and tear-resistant

Excellent sensitivity.


Medium94  151-700PF-CBM
Large105 151-700PF-CBL
XLarge115 151-700PF-CBXL

Conform to EN374 and EN455 standards.

100 single gloves in a box

Disposable Nitrile Glove




LENGTH: 290mm (11.4″)

MATERIAL: Polychloroprene

PROTEIN LEVEL: Polychloroprene contains no natural latex proteins

SURFACE: Finger-textured


SHAPE: Ambidextrous



Chemical Resistant



DOWNLOAD CATALOG HERE or click on picture
BPZS Glove




LENGTH: 300mm (12″)

Latex Free

Chemical resistant




MATERIAL: Polychloroprene

PROTEIN LEVEL: Polychloroprene contains no natural latex proteins

SURFACE: Textured

COLOUR: Natural

SHAPE: Hand specific

STERILIZATION: Gamma irradiation

AlphaTec® 87-370

Previously known as: VersaTouch® 87-370

A long cuff, flocked natural rubber glove, combining mechanical & chemical resistant

  • Flexible & very comfortable
  • Roughened finish for excellent grip performance
  • Beaded cuff for tear resistance and easy donning
  • 100% cotton flock lining
  • Compliant with FDA food handling requirement
  • Natural rubber latex unsupported glove, flock lined 100% cotton for  better comfort
  • Long cuff for extra PPE protection. Beaded cuff for tear resistance and easy donning
  • High resistance to water based chemicals
  • Tough general purpose natural rubber latex glove
  • AQL 0.65
  • AVAILABLE:  SIZES6.5, 7.5, 8.5, 9.5
  • LENGTH: 325 MM/13 INCHES
  • THICKNESS: 0.68 MM / 27 MIL


Shoe Cover DispenserShoe Cover Dispenser

The BlueMed shoe cover dispenser is designed to install shoe covers in seconds… totally hands free! It is specially crafted for high volume usage with high capacity for shoe cover storage and has a holding handle for added convenience.

A large variety of shoe cover types complements this dispenser to satisfy almost every need. The BlueMed shoe cover dispenser is easy to use and requires no electricity, maintenance or lubrication to function. It is extremely practical for medical, pharmaceutical, industrial or similar environments and especially for GMP facilities. With its stainless steel sidings, it adds a new dimension of elegance and professionalism to your facility.

Model Number: SKD-1007-SS

Shoe Cover Dispenser Refill Packs

Shoe cover for dispenserNWNS

Non-Woven  Non-Skid

The NWNS shoe covers for the dispenser are made with a polypropylene fabric with an anti-skid print and are fit for all uses and floors.

They are available in a bundle ready for use in the dispenser. The shoe covers are one size that fits most shoe/boot sizes and come in two colors; blue or yellow.

Available in cases of 600 or 1800 units.

BLUE:  600/Case SKN-0002-M      1800/Case SKN-0002-B

shoe cover for dispenserCPE

Waterproof Bonded Sole

The CPE Bonded Disposable Shoe Covers for the BlueMed dispenser are designed for the industrial and more demanding applications. These shoe covers are made with a polypropylene fabric with a bonded CPE (chlorinated polyethylene) layer. This design makes it waterproof, and fit for the more demanding uses. They come in a bundle ready for use in the dispenser. The shoe covers are one size that fits most shoe/boot sizes.

Available in cases of 420 or 1260 units.

White/Blue Bonded:   420/Case: SKB-1003-M    1260/case: SKB-1003-B

For additional models and order info: Dispenser Shoe Covers

AZURE Shoe Cover Waterproof Anti-Static

Azure Blue Med PPE Shoe Cover case

The AZURE shoe covers are available in bags or dispensing boxes to accommodate different user needs.

The AZURE disposable shoe covers give you a foot barrier with excellent anti-skid properties. They offer a high level of protection for environments such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, GMP sites and animal labs.

They are made with a multilayered fabric coated with BlueMed’s advanced anti-skid formula for a superior grip. They are waterproof with a hydrophilic inner layer.

Benefits: The AZURE shoe covers give you good control on smooth, wet or powdered floors. They also give you added protection from wet shoes, thanks to their inner layer that absorbs liquids. They are low linting and fit for clean environments.

Versatility: These shoe covers are available in two sizes: The Universal size is made to fit most shoe sizes and the Extra Large size is made for big shoes, snow or work boots. They stands out with their rich blue color.

Azure Shoe Cover order info

WAVE Shoe Cover Anti-Skid

  • Breathable fabric
  • Triple-elastic run
  • Perfect fit design
  • Anti-skid
  • Optional anti-skid tread
  • Low linting
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Silicone free
  • In bags or dispensing boxes 
  • Sizes: Universal and Extra Large

The WAVE™ disposable polypropylene shoe covers provide a daily general protection.

Excellent for transitioning between ‘clean’ and ‘unclean’ areas, these low linting shoe covers are popular in medical establishments, pre-cleanroom gowning zones, GMP sites, and for general hygiene use.

Benefits The WAVE™ high quality fabric and strong welds set them apart from imported shoe covers. They are constructed with triple-elastic runs to allow for a perfect-fit smooth wrap around the foot to prevent tripping.

Versatility: They come in two sizes: Universal to fit most shoe sizes, and Extra Large for bulkier or steel toe boots. They are available with or without an additional anti-skid tread on the sole.

BONZO Econo Shoe Covers

Bonzo Econo shoe covers

The blue BONZO ECONO™ are lightweight and economical for a basic short-term use protection.

The BONZO WHITE™ and BONZO BLUE™ are made with a heavier CPE film with better waterproofing and resistance for daily use on a variety of floors.

The Navy-blue BONZO HD™ are specifically designed for bigger shoes and demanding applications. Their high-density film is strong and resistant for an advanced protection. 

The BONZO™ line of CPE disposable shoe covers offers cost-effective solutions against liquids and dirt, from basic to advanced anti-skid and water-resistant general protection.

The BONZO™ line includes 3 fabric weights and 2 sizes to adapt to most needs and uses on multiple floor types. They are ideal for construction sites, real estate, food industry, offices in the winter season, or in any industrial environment.

Benefits: These waterproof shoe covers are made with a CPE-Chlorinated Polyethylene textured film surface for added anti-skid properties. They are easy to put on and take off with their sizable opening stretchability. Their elastic run is completely covered by fabric. With seamless soles and sides, they are low linting.

Versatility: The BONZO ECONO™, BONZO WHITE™ and BONZO BLUE™ are available in Universal size, to fit most shoe sizes, whereas the BONZO HD™ is only available in Extra Large for large work or snow boots.

Bonzo Econo Shoe Cover

These shoe covers are available in bags of 1000 units per case for the Universal sizes, and 500 units per case for the Extra Large BONZO HD™.

Basic Protection CPE Shoe Covers

414009 Waterproof shoe cover


CPE shoe covers are manufactured from a low-density chlorinated polyethylene fabric, which is designed to protect against dirt, grime, and liquid splash.
  • First-line barrier
  • Economical and lint free
  • Excellent fluid resistance
These nonconductive garments feature a seamless bottom to repel water

Shoe covers are rigorously tested and manufactured in an ISO Certified facility under stringent process controls to ensure that each garment meets exacting quality standards and performs to specification. Lot controlled and validated through independent lab testing.

Heat-sealed seams provide excellent fluid resistance. Dimensions: 40.6Lx14.6Hcm (16×53/4“).

Hypalon Sole Washable Reusable Shoe Covers

Full elastic opening
Rear snap adjustment
Generous sizing
Color-coded stitching denoting size
Style 1015 only available in sizes S-XL
Unisex Sizes: XS-XL (2XL, 3XL extra charge)


Medicom AssureMask® Valiant™ Procedure Earloop Face Mask, Level 3

Premium materials and over 30 years of expertise go into every
Medicom AssureMask® Valiant™ mask to provide the reliable
respiratory protection and optimal comfort and breathability that
healthcare professionals need.
Ample-length earloops are soft, strong, free of natural rubber latex,
ultrasonically sealed and attached to the outside of the mask to
prevent pulling and irritation.
Adjustable, enclosed, plastic-covered, steel nosepiece provides
customized protection and comfort.
Made in North America to meet the highest quality and regulatory
R E C O M M E N D E D   U S E
Procedure masks are intended to be worn by personnel during medical
procedures to protect both the patient and the operating personnel
from transfer of microorganisms, body fluids and particulate material
transfer. Latex free.
50 per box, 10 boxes per case, White, Blue, Pink or Yellow

Medicom assure Mask box


Call: 416 332-8394 ( for Pricing and Availability

ProShield™ Procedure Earloop Face Mask with Visor

Integrated wraparound shield protects the eyes; ideal for treating
high-risk patients and for procedures producing heavy amounts
of airborne particles, moisture, spray and spatter.
Non-woven spunbond outer layer provides maximum protection
against fluid penetration.
Soft, strong, ultrasonically sealed earloops attached to outside of
mask prevent pulling and irritation and allow easy removal with less
risk of self-contamination.
Shingle pleat design prevents fluid pooling and cross-contamination.
High-quality media ensures optimal filtration and breathability.
Adjustable, enclosed nosepiece forms a strong seal to provide
customized protection and comfort.
R E C O M M E N D E D   U S E
Procedure masks are intended to be worn by personnel during medical
procedures to protect both the patient and the operating personnel
from transfer of microorganisms, body fluids and particulate material
transfer. Latex free.
MODEL 2125:   25 Masks/Box, 4 Boxes/Case, 100 Masks/Case ,  Colour Teal

Medicom Architect Pro™ N95 Style Respirator

Reliable respiratory protection that filters out over 95% of particulate
aerosols free of oil.
High-quality materials and duck-bill shape.
Lightweight, breathable construction.
Unique single split comfort band.
Adjustable nosepiece.

R E C O M M E N D E D   U S E
Effective against particulate aerosols free of oil; time use restrictions
may apply.

Product Type: Single-use, non-sterile, three-layer construction
Strap: Synthetic rubber
Nosepiece: Plastic-covered iron
Colour: White
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
Quantity per Inner Carton: 50
Country of Origin: Canada

Call: 416-332-8394    (  for Pricing and Availability

Bioclean cleanroom PPE goggles

BioClean Clearview Autoclavable
Goggles are not supplied
pre-autoclaved and must be removed
from the PE bag prior to autoclaving
and placed in an autoclavable bag,
then autoclaved at 121°C for a
duration of 30 minutes. BCAH Goggles may be Gamma Irradiated up to 12 reuses.

Bioclean Cleanroom goggles data sheet

BioClean Clearview Autoclavable Goggles consist of a range of premium reusable goggles manufactured from super-soft thermoplastic or silicone rubber. Our comprehensive range fits all face shapes, remaining comfortable even during extended use. Key features of the BioClean Clearview autoclavable goggles are their anti-fog, toughened, anti-scratch polycarbonate lenses, which provide unimpaired vision.

Call 416 332-8394 for availability and pricing.


bouffant cap
White, latex-free hair covering. Available in sizes: L (21″), XL (24″)

White bouffant cap with latex-free elastic.

SKUQuantityUnit Of MeasureSizeColor
27I-IBFW-52-LF1000CaseLarge (21 Inch)White
27I-IBFW(XL)-LF1000CaseX-Large (24 Inch)White