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SychemSAFETY Biological Safety Cabinet

SychemSAFETY is a series of dual filter Class 2 cabinets, incorporating the latest in laminar flow technology, energy- saving designs and HEPA filtration. This machine features options that offer the very best protection for you, your products and
your laboratory or research facility.
Principle of operation:
The air flow enters the work chamber of the cabinet via the front aperture, and continues under the worktop and up the back plenum, where 70% is recirculated through the main HEPA filter. This then provides the down flow protection, and 30% exits out through the HEPA filter to the exhaust.
SychemSAFETY features a unique design, incorporating laminator technology with down flow fans and a single exhaust fan, digitally controlled, to ensure true laminar flow and turbulent-free air distribution throughout the work chamber. This advancement results in lower noise levels, a vibration free work area, a longer filter lifetime and lower energy consumption.
The vertical laminar flow recirculation provides operator protection by means of the inflow, product protection by means of the down flow and environmental protection by means of the filtered exhaust. Sychem’s Safety cabinet is the ideal choice when working with microbiological samples, tissue culture, viral work, non-pathogenic manipulations, research and sampling procedures.
SychemSAFETY is available in four different working width sizes, depending on the requirements of your facility:
Available in 900 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm or 1800 mm.
Cabinets are being manufactured & tested in compliance with EN 12469. All models are available with a wide range of high-quality customised options to suit your individual needs or requirements.

Safety Cabinet

• New features of the range include: New innovative EC fans and optimized air flow, contributing up to a 6 dB(A)
reduction in the noise level.
For SychemSAFETY that equates to a 47 dB(A) noise level at factory settings and 37 dB(A) in Eco-save mode.
• V-shaped angled inflow grills allowing a comfortable working position whilst preventing restriction of the airflow.
• Panoramic front & side windows for ultimate supervision and glare-free lighting, giving a comfortable stress-free working environment.
• Diffused laminator allows shadow-free, variable light distribution within the chamber.
• The integrated control panel with LCD display is conveniently positioned for ease of viewing and operation, ensuring optimal performance and safety characteristics at all times.

• 110 mm HEPA filters with efficiency at 99.999% against 0.3 μm particles, ensuring a clean sterile work chamber
• Unique laminator/diffuser technology giving turbulent-free air flow, protecting your samples against particle contamination.
• Down flow & exhaust fans are constantly monitored via the flow sensors to ensure safe operating conditions are maintained.
• Alarms, both acoustic and visual, for unsafe airflow conditions or any interruption.

New Features 
SychemSAFETY now available with the new innovative EC fan motors and optimised air flow.
For SychemSAFETY, this equates to an energy consumption of 92* Watts at factory settings and 30 Watts in ECO mode. This incremental innovation makes the Mars cabinet range some of the lowest energy consuming cabinets on the market! The innovation of using several low energy EC fans in the cabinet allows for a less restricted construction and a reduction of annual operating costs, whilst at the same time allowing for the use of the 110 mm HEPA filter, equating to a 50% longer filter life.
Low energy consumption results in less heat transmission to the work chamber and to the laboratory or research facility, contributing significantly to a reduction of overall energy costs.

Ultra clean environment – Safety first Energy saving benefits
• Angled pre-filter for easy inspection and filter exchange.
• Sectional 300 mm work tops allowing loads up to 50 kg. per 300 mm, easy removal for cleaning and decontamination of all surfaces.
• Easy to maintain as all service functions are performed from the front of the cabinet, including changing of the HEPA filters, pcb’s and sensors, and adjustments/ monitoring of alarms and fan speed.

SychemSAFETY Features




















At Sychem, we focus on four benefits that are built-in as standard features
of the Sychem’s family of Class2 Safety Cabinets. These are:

• Operator & Environment Safety.
• Ergonomic Design.
• Energy Efficiency.
• Noise Reduction.

By concentrating on each of these aspects, we have created optimal solutions for customers that strive to create the best working environment for their employees, whilst increasing efficiency, improving safety and leaving a greener footprint.

SychemSAFETY’s versatility of design, construction and options allows for adaptability and use as the ideal choice for many application and procedures, whilst ensuring ultimate product, environment and operator protection.
Examples include:
• Working with prions e.g. Creutzfeldt- Jakob disease & Mad Cow disease etc.
• Hazardous powders & fibres e.g. asbestos, glass fibres etc.
• Weighting applications with an antivibration plate inserted into the tabletop (a balance weighing up to 6 decimals can be used.)
• Stem Cell work where a dual down flow filter is required.
• For Category 3 labs where a Class III cabinet is not required.
Other applications for SychemSAFETY include many microbiology applications e.g. working with viruses, pathogens, research & sampling procedures, tissue cultures etc.Cabinet stand

We offer a range of custom options to specifically tailor SychemSAFETY to suit any requirements you may have.
We can supply a variety of support stands, including an electrical operated elevation stand. With an overall height of just above 2 meters, the biosafety cabinets offer full operational performance in rooms with low ceilings, even when fitted with the electrical elevation support stand.

Features a built-in LAF-LCD screen, mounted on the rear wall or alternatively magnetically mounted for easy removal or positioning to suit the operator’s convenience and comfort.
A marble stone tablet can be inserted to the work top section for weighing application of up to 6 decimals.
A UV light for decontamination of the work surfaces or for deactivating DNA, can be fitted in the interior of the work chamber.
Sectional work tops can be provided in different sizes from 300 mm to 1800 mm, and also in AISI 316 to enable SychemSAFETY to be configured suit to your exact practical requirements.
Connection of SychemSAFETY to your external ducting system
• HEPA filters do not trap gases and toxic chemicals that may be used as an adjunct to microbiological studies. In these applications it is important to select an exhaust ducting route to lead the exhausted air safely out of the laboratory or research facility to an external ventilation system.
• It is possible to connect the SychemSAFETY cabinet to an external ducting system via an anti-blow back valve. The extract connection can be either referred to as a hard duct or a thimble duct, where the latter is also extracting air from the laboratory or research facility.
• The compact construction of the SychemSAFETY cabinet makes it possible for it to be used, ducted either way, with a working height of up to 1000 mm in a laboratory or research facility with a ceiling height of 2.5 meters.

duct options

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