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Rack, Tunnel, Cage and Bottle Washers, Bedding Handling and Disposal Systems

Roe Bio-Medical joined Schlyer Machine (SMC) in 2012 with the continuing goal of providing Everything for the Vivarium Cage Wash area. Schlyer Machine has been manufacturing quality cage washing equipment for the Life Sciences Research field for over 25 years. Roe Bio-Medical Products has been providing Vacuum Bedding Delivery & Removal Systems to the Biomedical Research field since 1994. SMC-Roe products include: Rack,Tunnel, Cage and Bottle Washers. Bedding handling and disposal systems are also a speciality.


Rack WasherSMC-Roe Rack & Cage WasherSMC ROE

The SMC-Roe  Cage & Rack Washers are based upon the tried-and-true reciprocating spray technology that has been the basis of all of the best cage and rack washing equipment available since the early 1970’s. No rotating spray machine can match the performance of our machines. All Cage & Rack Washer models are available in pit- or floor-mounted versions, and as single entry or pass-through units.
6290 General Specs                                     Rack Washer Brochure .

The RW6290-VHP is a combination Washer and Decontamination Chamber which can replace autoclaves or manual wipe downs.

Large Rock Washer

Double Width Rack Washer

The Model URW6514, will process up to 100 cages per load in 5 minutes, as well as running all traditional cycles such as acid, descale and long scrubbing-type cycles for heavily soiled or infrequently cleaned items.
Oscillating jet spray header system
* Automatic self-flushing debris strainer      * Automatic wash and rinse temperature
* regulation and guarantees                             * Intrinsic door safety
* Windows with double tempered glass        * Interior illumination
* Microprocessor control                                  * Insulated exterior
* Positive door gaskets – Replace with No Tools!  * Automatic exhaust damper
* Compartment emergency stop cables         * Programmable security access
* Operator interface: color touch screen       * Left or right hand configuration
* Integral drip gutters                                       * SMC Quick Wash

Tunnel WasherTunnel Washer

The SMC-Roe Model SL1200 Series Tunnel Washers are high-capacity, conveyorized spray washers designed and optimized for the cleaning of animal caging, bottles and other items ancillary to the care of laboratory animals. In the SL1200, robust industrial-type components and heavy Stainless Steel construction are combined with modern technology to provide the best equipment available in terms of temperature control, validation, ease of operation and ease of maintenance. Like all of our machines, the SL1200 is designed for a minimum 30-year lifetime.
Tunnel Washer Brochure                              Tunnel Washer Specs

DumpBedding Dump Station

The SCD 6800 is a compact Self-Contained Bedding Dump Station that is designed for applications with either a single dedicated Vacuum Bedding Removal System or for Multi-Port Vacuum Bedding Removal Systems having more than one pickup point on a single vacuum removal line.

The SCD 6800 collects, processes mills and mixes and then meters the soiled bedding and feed into the vacuum transport line for a seamless operation.
Dump Station Brochure

Cabinet Cage and Bottle Washer

The SMC-Roe Model CBW1026 Series Cage & Bottle Washers are large capacity, heavy-duty batch-type spray cabinet washers. They combine robust industrial components with heavy stainless steel cabinetry to provide the ultimate solution for the large or small animal facility to wash cages, bottles, pans, sipper tubes and other items ancillary to the care of laboratory animals. Machines are available in several configurations and with a variety of optional features to allow use in any conceivable laboratory environment.                   Cage and Bottle Washer Brochure


VBDS 4900

Vacuum Bedding Dispensing and Bedding Transport System


VBDS 3900

The VBDS 4900 is a true Vacuum Bedding System, combining vacuum bedding transport from bedding storage and a bedding dispenser with integral automated cage flipper and dust collector into a single system. The VBDS 4900 is ideal for paper pulp, paper chip, cob, wood chip, and for defined habitat-type laboratory animal bedding.

The VBDS 3900 series Automatic Bedding Dispenser is configured to handle pulp paper and wood shavings, as well as bedding products such as cob and wood chips to flow into cages. Cages may be inserted directly into the chamber for automatic bedding dosing and loading.  The VBDS 3900 electronically measures and adjusts dose based on cage size.

The VBDS 3000 series Automatic Bedding Dispenser Volumetric Dispensing Module is 97% accurate at dispensing at 315 cc per cage of 1/8″ size cob bedding with a 99.5%+ repeatability.  

Video                        VBDS 4900 Brochure                                           VBDS 3900 Brochure

Bottle Washer

Bottle Washer

The SMC-Roe BW1020 Bottle Washer is a high capacity stainless steel spray cabinet specifically designed to clean bottles and other small items used in the care of laboratory animals.

Used in research, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology applications, the Model BW1020 incorporates many innovative features to ensure thorough, efficient cleaning, as well as many other unique features

Amazing Video                       BW1020 Brochure

Bottle Filler

Bottle Filler

SMC-Roe provides Bottle Fillers in several standard configurations: Single station manual feed (Model BF9016), gravity conveyor feed (Model BF9110) and a high throughput, fully integrated combination bottle washer and filler (Model BiC1875). Both the BF9016 and BF9110 are available in manual or automatic fill versions. Each of these fillers come complete with machined jets and stainless steel legs, pans and splash guards. In addition, these fillers can be furnished with quick-coupled headers for use with several different bottle basket configurations. The BiC1875 continuous bottle washer and filler has a throughput of 3,000 bottles per hour.                   Bottle Filler Brochure


Automated Vacuum Waste Bedding Bagging System 

The VBRB 7000 is an Automated Bagging System for soiled laboratory animal bedding and feed. The VBRB 7000 weighs, fills, and seals the soiled bedding materials in standard pre-made bags. Sealed bags can be surface decontaminated, autoclaved, composted (ASTM 6400) or incinerated.

  • Removes Dust and Allergens – Fully contained, vacuum air carries away the dust and allergens, generated by the bedding materials. The vacuum air is cleaned by filtering it through a pocket filter or optional HEPA filter, leaving the work area uncontaminated.
  • High Efficiency and Capacity – Automated weighing and filling operation eliminates intensive labor. Fills up to 20 bags per minute.    

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