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Static Control Products

Static Control

Static Clean International is a leading supplier and manufacturer of Static Control Products in North America and across the globe.

Serving the Industrial, Medical, and Electronic markets; our static control product line consists of

Static Neutralizing Systems,
Bars and Power Supplies                                                    Ionizing Bench Top and Overhead Blowers,
Ionizing Air Guns and Nozzles                                            Ionizing Air Knife
Ionizing Bars                                                                         Web Cleaners
Static Meter                                                                           Surface Resistance Kit and Ground Testers

Our goal is to help reduce costs, improve operations and increase quality through reducing static.   VIDEOS

Ionizing Blowers

Ionizing BlowerThe Sentinel BTI benchtop blower is an ionizing blower design to be compact and lightweight. Excellent for preventing particle attraction and for use in ESD applications. The Sentinel BTI can be used either setting on a benchtop or mounted on a wall or shelf. Dual fan speeds and compact size make this blower excellent for Medical applications and Electronics Assembly.

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Air KnifeIonizing Airknife

The AK3200 utilizes innovative technology developed to give the highest performance, lowest noise and lowest air consumption compared to any other product. The powerful, whisper-quiet blade of air is ideal for drying, cleaning, cooling or containing in all kinds of process, food and manufacturing applications.

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ionizing gunIonizing Gun

The AGZ III is a compact and lightweight Ionizing Air-gun that eliminates static electricity and cleans products in the Electronics, Semiconductor, Medical Device and Industrial markets. The AGZ III has excellent Ion Balance and fast Static Decay Rates that make it the ideal choice for most applications that require static elimination. The AGZIII comfortably fits into the hand of an operator, and can be directed at isolated areas where other devices fail, or cannot effectively deliver ionization. The AGZ III is configurable using custom nozzles for specific applications, and the powerful air stream it generates is ideal for blowing away dust and particulate with ionized air.
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Static BarStatic Bars

The ELIMINOSTAT CABX is 30% faster and smaller in dimension to popular CABC Bars.

The ELIMINOSTAT CABX is ideal for electronic devices where delicate static elimination is required. Since large amounts of positive and negative ions are supplied constantly to the area requiring static elimination, there is a small difference in static elimination from one area to the next.

The new CABX features two nozzle types: (a) High speed performance air nozzle and (b) Low air consumption nozzle
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web cleanerWeb Cleaners

Two-sided, 4 Roll Clamshell Narrow Web Cleaner for “Continual Run,” “Stop & Go” or “Limited Access” applications including slitters, coaters, die-cutters, laminators, presses, embossers and more. Sturdy, 12 gauge stainless steel and anodized aluminum constructed “clamshell” design for easy CCR maintenance and web thread-up. Drawer slides promote “on-the-fly” tape change capability. LED window lighting provides easy CCR and tape roll visibility…

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Static MeterStatic Meter

The Model 289 is ideal for those who need to make qualitative static surveys at the most affordable price. It features a high-speed LED bar graph that quickly shows the magnitude and polarity of the static charge. A simple-to-operate zero button and conductive case (for obtaining a ground connection) help to make this one of the easiest instruments you will ever operate.

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Surface ResistanceSurface Resistance Kit

The versatile Model 292 Surface Resistance Test Kit accurately measures resistance between two points (RTT), surface to ground (RTG), and surface resistivity over the range of 10E3 to 10E12 ohms. It is comprised of a resistance meter and a 5-pound electrode set to test static control products in accordance with ESD Association standards for resistance characterization of workstation surfaces, packaging, garments, gloves, flooring, and flooring/footwear systems. An optional parallel electrode adaptor is available to perform surface resistivity measurements in accordance with ASTM D-257.

  • Conforms to all ESD Association standards for resistive characterization
  • Integral temperature and relative humidity sensors
  • Quantitative audit tool
  • Regulated 10V and 100V test voltages
  • 3-1/2-digit display and LED display of exponent                 Spec Sheets               More Meters

Ground TestersGround Testers

The Model 275A Ground System Tester measures the resistance of personnel grounding systems (wrist straps and heel straps) and work area grounding systems (table mats and floor mats), and indicates if the resistance is high (open), low (hazard), or within acceptable limits to control damage to sensitive components due to electrostatic discharges. Testing is as easy as pushing the test button and observing the color-coded indicator lights. The safe operating limit can be set at 10M or 100M ohms using a switch on the front of the instrument. The instrument is supplied with a ground cord. An optional leather carrying case is available

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