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Static Solutions

Static Control PRODUCT LIST:
Static Solutions:
Wrist Straps
Floor Finish
Plastic Glass Cleaner
Topical AntiStat
Resistivity Tester


Ws 1040

Metal Expansion Wrist Strap w/ Coil Cord

ESD S1.1 standard recommends the use of static control wrist straps to complete an effective ESD control system. Normal activity builds harmful static charges; if an ungrounded user makes contact with a static sensitive device the result can be costly and damaging. Ohm-StatTM wrist straps safely dissipate harmful charges with guaranteed long lasting protection.


  • Non flaking molded dissipative plastic on all external surfaces unlike painted or tedlar
  • Protects users and static-sensitive devices from electrical hazards
  • Band, buckle and cord are antistatic
  • Superior contact with skin
  • Cleanroom Safe: No chipping paint or fraying of fabric
  • No-pinch Design
  • Adjustable
  • 10’ tinsel wire
  • Medical grade stainless steel
  • Fluorescent green color
  • No Tedlar on surface which may generate ESD voltage

WS 1020
Elastic Adjustable Wrist Strap w/ Coil Cord

Adjustable size
No tribogeneration
4mm machine stainless steel snap
10 foot tinsel wire
UL listed
S.20.20 compliant
Medical grade stainless steel
Comes in blue or green

Other models available: Disposable Wrist Straps, Heel Grounders, Footwear    SSCatalog

Elite Dissipative Floor Finish


This industry popular finish offers low VOC, high gloss, and static dissipative properties.
Available in:
AF-5500 – Gallon
AF-5505 – 5 Gallons
AF-5555 – 55 Gallons

4 Gallons/Case
High abrasion resistance – Long Lasting
High gloss     Non flaking         Non slippery

Low tribogeneration generation         UL listed         No formaldehyde or phthalates          Water based – Antimicrobial, UV Resistant             Surface resistance (RTT): 107-109 ohms @100 volts at 12% RH             RoHS Compliant     AF-5500Floor_Finish

Zero VOC ESD Floor Finish

Designed to be used in cleanroom facilities, this finish has zero VOC which eliminates the possibility of outgassing. Used in medical, electronics, and cleanroom environments, this product protects the floor with a long lasting and durable gloss without harming the environment.

AF-6000 Gallon
AF-6005 5 Gallons
AF-6055 55 Gallons

No outgassing: Safe for cleanrooms
Environmentally friendly        Exceeds EPA guidelines      UL listed
Resistance: 107-109 Ohms/sq.         Static Dissipative          Durable          Glossy “wet look”         Zero VOC      RoHS Compliant

Other Finishes: Long lasting urethane enhanced static dissipative floor finishs, Conduct Coat for Conductive Flooring, Burnisher/Restorer, Carpet Floor Guard Treatment, Conduction Flooring Cleaner, Floor Cleaner for AF-Series Finishes, Floor Finish Stripper, Urethane Enhanced Conductive Paint, Floor Primer/Sealer, Spray Buff, Floor Finish Concentrate with UV Additive     SSCatalog

Cl 6701 CL-6701 
Plastic, Glass and Stainless Steel Cleaner

Formulated to clean stainless steel, formica, polypropylene, acrylic, glass and painted surfaces to the most rigid cleanroom standards. Double bag packaging is available for cleanroom applications.

Available in quart and gallon bottles.
4 gallons per case          Eliminates static electricity
Makes all surfaces static dissipative, less than 1012ohms           Filtered to less than 0.2 microns        Water-based              No chlorine, bromine, nitrate, sulfate, or ions        Non-streaking          Quick drying          Non-corrosive

CL-6701 info_       CL-6701 Specs_


TA 4900 TA-4900
Topical Antistat

TA-4900 is designed to control, prevent and eliminate static electricity in surfaces in a cleanroom environment. It will clean and rejuvenate static dissipative mats, as well as make non-dissipative surfaces dissipative. TA-4900 is available in double bag packaging for cleanroom entry.

Available in quart bottles.

12 individual quarts              Eliminates static electricity
Makes all surfaces static dissipative, less than 1012Ohms       Filtered to less than 0.2 microns         Water-based            No chlorine, bromine, nitrate, sulfate, or ions                  Non-streaking             Quick drying          Non-corrosive         UBA #39890009     AF-6500


RT 1000RT-1000Static Solutions
Digital Display Megohmmeter
Humidity and temperature affect resistivity so they must be tested. The RT-1000 tests resistivity, humidity, and temperature of all conductive, antistatic, and static dissipative surfaces for electrical resistivity/resistance according to the EOS/ESD CECC, ANSI, ASTM, UL, NFPA, Military, and EIA test procedures.

The RT-1000 includes:

  • Two 5lb. 2.5″ probes with handles
  • Two 3″ parallel surface resistivity probes
  • Dissipative chair test probe (meets ANSI/EOS/ ESD Standard 12.1)
  • Earth ground probe
  • Garment clamps (conforms to EOS/ESD 2.1 standard)
  • Concentric ring probe available
  • Foam lined carrying case

RT-1000 Standard Resistivity Tester

RT-2000 – Complete 20/20 Audit Kit (RT-1000 and FM-1125 Field Meter)

  • Measures resistivity RTT, RTV, and RTG 103-1012ohms/sq, ohms, ohm/cm
  • Relative humidity 10% – 90% RH
  • Measures temperature: 32°F to 100°F
  • Digital display
  • NIST calibration included
  • Includes probes to measure smocks, earth ground, chairs – $400 value for free
  • Resistivity probe built in
  • CE Mark included
  • Includes Celsius or Fahrenheit. Kit includes, two (5) lb. probes, coil cords, hard carrying case, battery, 110v or 220v adaptor, garment clips, chair probe, and ground circuit tester. NIST Certified
Optional Accessories:
Personal Wrist Strap Tester
Personal Footwear Tester
Miniature Probes
2 – 5lb Resistance Probes
Ground Circuit Tester
Garment Clips
Chair Probe
Two Coil Cords – Banana Plug and
3.5mm Plug
Meg Upgrade
NIST Calibration and Certificate



RT 500RT-500
Resistivity Tester
The RT-500 Resistivity Tester measures surface resistivity using parallel electrodes and concentric rings. Tests resistance to ground (RTG), resistance between two points (RTT) and volume resistance.

Ohm-Stat RT-500 tests each sleeve of a garment for continuity in addition to performing dissipative seating tests. The RT-500 can also test shoes, heelgrounders, and wrist straps with optional accessories. Conforms to ANSI/EOS/ESD (S4.1, S7.1, S12.1, S2.1), EN 61340.5.1, ASTM-F150, NFPA 99A, and ASTMD257 standards.

The Ohm-Stat RT-500 Megohmmeter is designed to quality inspect incoming materials such as floor finishes, floor mats, table mats, conductive floor tiles, work surfaces, paints, bags, wrist straps, common point ground cords, footwear, packaging materials, clothing, and ESD chairs in static controlled areas.

The RT-500 includes:

  • Parallel bar, resistivity probes and RTG cord – Jacks are available for external probes
  • Grounding hardware and instructions
  • One-year limited warranty
  • NIST Certificate
  • 9v DC alkaline battery
  • Carrying case
    • Range: 103 – 1012 ohms
    • Measures resistance/resistivity, RTT, RTG and volume resistance with accessories
    • Automatic zeroing and power shut off
    • CE approved
    • Conforms to EOS/ESD, NFPA, ANSI, UL, ASTM, Military, EIA, and EN standards
    • Automatic voltage range selector
    • Small, lightweight – 2.6 x 5 x 1.2 inches (6.5 x 113 x 3cm), 8.4 oz. (233 grams)
    • LED display color indicates range

Low battery warning light

Optional Accessories:
Personal Wrist Strap Tester
Personal Footwear Tester
Miniature Probes
2 – 5lb Resistance Probes
Ground Circuit Tester
Garment Clips
Chair Probe