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Transtainer Mouse Shipper

Presenting the Transtainer Mouse Shipper. The system includes a reusable cardboard box with interior bays for individual shipping tubes. The ends of each tube are fitted with autoclaved filtered ends. Everything in the design makes sure that breathability is paramount right down to built in tabs so that the breather holes can’t be blocked by adjoining boxes.




Wouldn’t it be nice if shipping containers were:
. . . divided into sealed compartments so that species and sexes couldn’t intermingle?
. . . easy to remove animals avoiding bites and scratches?
. . . designed to avoid stress and injury to the animal?
. . . had lots of view ports and air holes to avoid unnecessary opening?
. . . came sterile or on site autoclavable and could be directly filled in a barrier?
. . . could be easily unpacked (no handling) with mice sliding right into their permanent cages?

We thought so too; so we did it! and also added: 100% recyclable!

The TRANSTAINER MOUSE SHIPPER System: Tube, Caps, & Carrieropen_transtainer products

The box will take three separate Transtainer tubes effectively separating strains,species, mircro-flora, health status & sexes.
Tube isolation prevents cross contamination.
Assembly and loading instructions are clearly printed on box.
LIVE ANIMAL” alerts are very visible to all couriers and handlers. Flaps fold down to create tabs which create an “air gap” so that end of box cannot be blocked off.
approx size: 22.5” X 17.5” X 7.5”

The shape rodents feel comfortable in, they build tunnels!
No corners or any place to begin gnawing.
Reusable Opaque Polypropylene PPT & Clear Polycarbonate PPC are easily sanitized in cage washers and are safe for temperatures and disinfectants found in most facilities.
Simple, cost effective and economical! Barrier Friendly – Entry into the barrier is a simple: spray or soak.
Capacity: 114 grams live animal weight
The Transfer Container T2-16inter_tube_ products
Shown standing up is our “across campus” solution for transporting mice from one barrier to another or to another space within the facility or institution.
We think “milkshake containers” should be used for milkshakes!
Polysulfone tube with end caps, SIZE: 3″ dia. X 9″ long,
Fully autoclavable!
Ideal for those short trips to the lab or MRI.

Securely snaps on, seal must be broken to remove. When cap is removed tube is slightly tilted and animals slide gently into cage.
A new cap is always used and the .5 Micron polypropylene filter is ideal for hazardous species and reduces risk to handlers!